A printable version can be found here. (661KB)

For those of you who aren't sure: Your shopping list should be:

1 x 10 x 20 Tarp
6 x 24" Rebar Stakes
8 x 1" x 10' Sched. 40 PVC Pipes with Bell ends. Ask the people at the store to make the cuts for you. Cutting on playa is moopy.
6 x 4' Bungee cords (ymmv on size)
20 x Bungee Balls
50' of strong rope.
2 x 12' Nails
2 x Largest washers that will thread the nail.

You should drop by a local bike shop and pick up:

3 x Blown inner tubes. These are cheap and durable tie-downs.

A few notes: